Home Security Companies Are Ripping You Off

It’s very common these days to see new companies sprout up out of nowhere and revolutionize an industry. Since apple in the late 70’s the world has been made aware of the presence of these latent dangers. Disruptive technology as they call it can literally disrupt an entire industry. This means complete loss of assets for older companies that are too inflexible to compete with newer lighter companies. What gives these newer companies such an advantage though over larger companies? It is not something as clear cut as better hardware, management, or experience. Often times in fact there are lack thereof of any number of required pieces like investment that present these disruptive companies from taking of. IT is in the rare and fortunate circumstance though that the stars align and someone with a great idea can replace older ideas. The larger system try to quiet the news of the newer product or business and discredit the company. Often times they even try to lobby against them and establish legislature preventing their working based on a number of tricky and frightful techniques. It is in this disruptive mix that we now find the Home security system industry.

It is 2014 and we have been experiencing the revolution of mobile technology now for 7 years. Since the release of the iPhone the world has been revolutionized by smartphones, touch screens and mobile internet connectivity. The industry is so successful that it has spurred other industries that sell used cell phones to other countries for huge profits. This mobile platform was most revolutionary though not for the hardware or constant connectivity, but for the app store. The ability to easily distribute personal high power control. This changed everything.

Entering 2014 and the ubiquitous revolution has begun. Known as the internet of things, we are now making not only smartphones, but smart devices. These smart devices can be anything from a toaster, to a watch, to you home security system. These mobile sensors collect an overwhelming stream of information that never stops. With enough sensors and with enough variety of sensors you can literally sense and protect anything. Even your health. The most popular according to Home Security System Reviews is the SmartThings. These systems are mobile smartphone controlled that verge on home automation. They are robust and 24/7. In addition. They have no monthly fees. This is a fact that older companies like LifeShield and ADT are desperately trying to hide from you. You see, there business depends on you not knowing.

Traditional home security systems rely on 24/7 home monitoring services. While it is true there, yet, is not compensation for a human monitor. At the cost of an often 5-10 year $50/month contract, they are ridiculously expensive and non flexible. They also come with professional installment that often is very costly and not included in the original product or monthly cost. If you move, your system doesn’t come with you. Older systems that use these services often are also wired services.These are a burglars dream. After all, cutting the wires is an so common its movie cliche. These less secure, more costly, and out of date systems are robbing millions and seeing their market share shrink fast. The new technology of 2014 is not just a new model. They are they next generation of home security systems.

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Things to Know About Buying Gaming Mice

Gaming mice are excellent tools in the gamer’s arsenal as they boasts various practical features that will help improve your game. When choosing the best mouse for your gaming style and your needs, there are a few things to consider so you can make the best decision and get a mouse that perfectly fits you.

Enhanced DPI

DPI is the mouse’s sensitivity and usually the higher the DPI, the faster the mouse moves when your hand moves it. High sensitivity is great if you can handle the speed in fast-paced games, while low sensitivity is useful in first-person shooters. Standard optical mice usually work at about 800 DPI and gaming mice offer a wide range of DPI settings that can reach as high as 8200 DPI. If you don’t need a very high sensitivity, there’s no need to spend more money on a better mouse just to know you can use it.

Adjustable DPI

Gaming mice can usually support 3-5 DPI settings that you can fully adjust to your needs or preset settings that can’t be changed, but you can switch between them when needed, such as 800 DPI, 1600 DPI or 2400 DPI. Many mice allow you to change DPI settings on-the-fly with the press of a button so you can switch from high sensitivity in a fast-paced game to low sensitivity, like when you’re using a sniper.

Programmable buttons

They’re nice to have as you can program and customize them to your particular needs to either replace keystrokes or store entire macros and various other functions. Some have 2-3 extra buttons while others have even 10 programmable buttons, great if you want to fully customize your game.

Mouse acceleration

It’s usually best to disable the acceleration as it causes unpredictable movements when you generally want to know exactly how your mouse will reach at certain movements, but you can still use it if you need it as high acceleration can be used with a low DPI setting for good accuracy.

Setting profiles

Most gaming mice store configurations in different profiles that you can switch to and from when playing different games and the profiles are usually stored in the mouse’s onboard memory and available at a click. Excellent when you have different mouse settings for different games.

Variable Polling Rate
Typical mice have a polling rate of 125Hz, so the mouse is reporting input 125 times per second, which is good for casual use, but for gaming you should go for higher rates like 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.

Gaming mice come in lots of shapes and sizes and they usually have a smooth, soft rubberized surface that makes them easy to grip, while others have textured plastic cases and some use glossy-looking plastic. They also have interesting shapes, so it’s best to try out what’s the shape most comfortable for you.

Wired or Wireless

Wired mice are typically a little faster than wireless mice, but nowadays the differences are very small as the wireless technology has gotten better, but if you value top speed and don’t want to run out of batteries for your wireless mouse in the middle of the game, you can stick to a wired mouse.

Once you understand all of these features you will be able to make the decision on the best gaming mouse for you.


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What Makes For A Good Portable Air Conditioner?

With so many different products and companies on the market it is sometimes hard to determine the best product. When that happens, it is always best to review popular reviews based websites to find an in depth professional review of all of the important aspects of that device. Often times, these websites will inform you of details and criteria that you were not originally aware of. These frequently insightful websites are the real sources of information. However, for the sake of this article we will try to narrow down the basics for analysing what makes a good Portable Air Conditioner. In 2014 with so many equipment manufacturers, reviews of portable air conditioners have been more important than ever before. Despite staunch opposition by conservatives, the climate is changing for the worse. Temperatures are increasing on average globally. Water levels are on the rise, and with a record setting winter the last season we are in for the hottest summer in recorded history. If you live in a northern home or even a house in the south with poor ventilation, this decision will drastically affect the happiness of your family for the next 6 months.

When looking for a new portable air conditioner it is first important to determine the size of the room that you want to cool down. This is because in order to determine what size portable AC unit you need, you need to know how many BTU’s. This is determined by square footage. These types of air conditioning units are not designed to provide AC to an entire home. Instead, they are often single room devices capable of running either indefinitely or for an extended period of time. To determine the size of a room either get your home floor plans, measure the length of the room times the width. This will give you the square footage of an area. In BTU estimation they tend to assume a ceiling height of 10 feet give or take. If you have higher ceiling then you will have to reduce the estimates accordingly.

Now that you have your square footage you can determine how many BTU’s you need. BTU is a british thermal unit that represents the amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by a single degree in fahrenheit. These AC units run by channeling liquid water and running refrigerant type process and passing air through the chilled channels. This liquid is what makes the AC work and also causes the condensation buildup that AC units are known for. For a 425 square foot room you will need about 10,000 BTU’s. for every hundred square feet you add or remove it changes by 2-4,000 BTU’s depending on the heaters technology.

The last consideration is going to be wall unit or standing unit. The difference is mostly placement and the install process. Anything 10,000 BTU’s or higher will need to be a standing unit. If you get one then make sure that it has auto evaporating technology to allow you to run it indefinitely without the overwhelming condensation build up and leaking known in older systems.

In the end it are the little things that matter. For this reason, we prefer Portable AC units that have a remote control and a digital display. It may sound unnecessary but I can tell you. Nothing compares to being able to change the AC while in bed from across the room with the click of a button. Everything in our lives from home security systems to AC units to lights need to be controlled just like this.

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A Better Way To Learn League of Legends

Improving your skill at League of Legends can take countless hours of research and trial and error in the game but there are also good opportunities online that can help you learn by leaps and bounds with a minimal amount of time required. This is done through a League of Legends guide that is carefully crafted to provide the most amount of information and strategies in an easy to understand format without requiring much reading.

The best way to present these guides is in video format that analyzes details with voice on top of a video playing in the background. The video will be showing the different characteristics of the lesson that is currently taking place. Some editing is required but sites such as www.learn2league.com have in depth databases of awesome guides that anyone can access for free. The voice on top of the video is also important as it will provide some mechanics that are not apparent on the screen of the game. This analysis should be completed by advanced players which is another reason that we recommend to use an advanced site like the aforementioned. Some people may think it is easier to use a different type of league of legends guide but it has been proven that media is the most effective since it engages different styles of learning simultaneously and will represent the exact movements that need to be replicated when you are playing.

There are alternatives to video guides such as build guides or full written summaries but these are not as effective due to the context missing. Without putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together in the right format you will have a hard time applying the information that you are looking at.

One of the best ways to utilize League of Legends guides is to have a dual screen monitor setup where the guide is playing on one screen and the other is where your game client is. This will let you multitask and follow the simple instructions which will help you win more games. There is much down time in a full match which can last up to an hour so there is plenty of time to reference the guide without losing your focus in the game.

There are many champions available in league of legends so understanding the complexities of each will help you be a dominate player. You will want to note the strengths and weaknesses of everyone on the playing field so you can use them to your advantage and control the game. With teams only being made of five players a single leader can be extremely effective in determining the outcome of the game.

In conclusion it will save you much time and frustration to use a guide while playing league of legends that was created for your champion. Do not waste time looking up the best build order, instead, find a video guide that will walk you through the mentality you should have for your lane and win more games with ease.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Associated with Pool Heaters

Having a heated pool is going to be a real luxury as this can make it very comfortable and usable year round for swimming in warm water. There are different types of pool heaters available for you to use in your pool and there are pool heaters that makes use of solar energy, electric energy or can also make use of gas. The type of heater that you choose should be something suitable for your budget, preference and also your climate. The electric heaters are the ones that do not produce heat but they make use of electricity for capturing heat and transfer it from one location to another. This is a kind of system that works similar to that of air-conditioning or a heating system that is available at your place. Refrigerant that is available inside coli can absorb heat and it gets converted from the liquid stated to gaseous one. This particular gas is made pass through condenser and compressor through which the water that is inside the pool can get heated up in a better manner. This is the basic way in which electric pool heaters work. There are various advantages as well as disadvantages in making use of pool heater.

A swimming pool is really a big investment but usually we won’t be able to use it during winter and so it will be kept closed. When you use pool heater, there is a possibility for you to make use of the swimming pool even when it is winter. This can really help you in enjoying the investment that you have made in the most amazing manner. To find a pool heater that is right for you we recommend that you visit http://poolheaterreviews.org/

When you are using your swimming pools throughout the year, you can meet with higher cost for maintaining it. If you are making use of pool heater that works in electricity of gas then your energy bills can also increase drastically. Solar heating is the cheapest way for heating the pool in a better manner.

Heating the pool can really make it so comfortable for you. This can really make your whole body feel much good and relaxed. Bathing in hot water can be good for your whole body. In the case of using pool heater, there is chance for even your guests to enjoy the time that they spend with us in the most amazing manner. Most of the guests stay away from a much cold pool but they can enjoy well in a pool with warmness. There is a possibility for playing all the games in pool too during the winter when you have the better pool heater with you.

There is a need for you to do regular maintenance for the pool heater and also the pool as you are making use of that for the whole year. When something is used for a longer time it needs much amount of maintenance also. The pools can get dirty when it is used for a lot of time. You may have overload for maintaining your pool in the best possible manner.

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Where to Shop For Consumer Drones

There has been a lot of interest lately not only by the RC community, but by the public in general, about consumer grade drones. For the longest time people associated the word ‘drone’ with the massive, unmanned, planes used by the military. These are flown all around the world by pilots who are stationed on the ground and have been around for the last decade. However, within the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in low-budget technology that has allowed for consumer grade drones to become more mainstream.

Now these consumer grade drones aren’t the large, weapon wielding ones that people have come to know. Rather, they are small, compact, multirotor aircraft which can be remotely controlled. The term drone is now being used to described quadcopters. These are vehicles which have a center housing surrounded by four motors with blades attached to them. The motors spin to generate thrust, putting the quadcopter airborne. Sensors withing the central housing, such a gyroscope, measure the drones position in space and then adjust the thrust of each motor to keep it stable in the air. Pilots of these drones aren’t halfway around the world but instead control them up to a few hundred yards away.

The reason these drones have started to hit the consumer market is because of the advancements in small electronics. Gyroscope sensors which were once very large can now be fit into small housings and are light weight. The cost has also decreased dramatically. Now electronics enthusiasts can go online and buy gyroscope sensors for cheap. Both of these changes have led to a revolution in DIY home electronics. In the last few years the maker space has been building home-made quadcopters with a variety of different parts and configurations.

It didn’t take long for RC manufacturers to start producing lines of consumer drones. There are now a wide selection on the market today. Everything from small, inexpensive ones meant for indoor flying, to larger, expensive ones that are used for professional aerial photography. It is good practice when shopping for your first drone to figure out what you’re going to use it for and what flying level you are at. If you are a first time flier you don’t want to invest a large amount of money in a drone then have it crash and break on your first flight. If you are an experienced flier you may want to look into high end models that have all the features and sensors you are looking for. If you just want to fly around your house you can save money by not getting one that has a camera equipped.

One of the best places to look for drones is QuadHangar.com. This website has a large directory of quadcopters that are available for purchase. They do a good job of reviewing all of the selections and providing insight on how each one operates, and the features each one has. Their on site chart has quads organized by size, battery life, battery type, and price. This will make it easy for any customer looking to compare different drones.

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What Makes The Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Starting a minecraft server can be a tumultuous journey and it is important that you choose a quality partner to help you build your game. The server is the foundation of the success of your idea and also one of the largest costs that you will encounter for creating a successful minecraft server. There are many minecraft hosting companies so what should you be looking for? Use this guide to help you determine which server provider will match your goals and aspirations and help you progress instead of introducing new challenges to the already difficult path of growing a popular server.

There are many different levels of support and competence offered by minecraft hosting companies. You will need to determine your own level of competency in regards to Linux servers and dedicated machines. If you are a novice to this realm and experienced in minecraft development then choosing a partner who can provide profound technical assistance from the server side of things will ease alot of problems which you will of course encounter along the way. If you are already quite knowledgeable of servers it is possible to look into just purchasing a dedicated box from a website and managing everything yourself. This is much more complex and it never hurts to have some technical assistance at your side for any conflicts that should arise. There is a cost associated with this but in the grand scheme of things it is just pennies and worth the investment. Selecting a minecraft server hosting company such as Apex Minecraft Hosting will accelerate your development process and conclude in a stable server ready for the masses to join.

Hardware is also another consideration as most companies only advertise the amount of RAM available but you will need to know all of the other specifications. Memory is the most important quality of a server and is directly correlated with the cost. After doing some simple calculations about how many users will be on your server you can determine this which varies across all of the different custom servers. Processing power will help speed up the server so it is responsive and eliminates and lag related to CPU under-performance. Make sure to consider this aspect when comparing prices for different minecraft hosting plans and companies. Some tend to cut corners to attempt to lower the price but it is not worth purchasing a server with outdated hardware that will only provide frustration.

In conclusion it is advisable that you select one of the leading minecraft server hosting companies even if they may cost a bit more than a standard dedicated box provider. The investment will give returns which can be collected for years to come assuming you have built your minecraft server on a solid foundation.

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Steps To Making Money In Online Video Game Tournaments

Large numbers of young gamers often dream to get paid by playing video games. It may seem to be a difficult vision, but there are numerous people out making a significant amount of money by playing in video game tournaments of their favorite games like league of legends, COD, Starcraft 2 and more. The methods people earn money by playing video game tournaments are interesting even if you do not have the time or concentration to play them. From online sport athletes earning huge sums of money yearly by winning different tournaments in front of big crowds to game testers earning minimum wage close to that with small amount of appreciation, the area of earning money playing video games tournaments is wide and diverse. This method is not a scheme to get rich quick; competition is vigorous for different methods.

When making cash playing video games was easy, all gamers will be performing it. Quitting their present employment and diving in to the video game field is not advisable. Tournaments are a method for skilled players to make money by using their skill. Video games played at a tournament by a professional are always referred as eSports. Only few gamers can be able to make money at tournaments. The skilled gamer who is able to make it far is accomplished and dedicated. Pro gamers can also earn money by corporate sponsorships along with a variety of other entertainment venues. Big video game firms employ testers for video games whose work is to check the games in the improvement and report issues they find which is another opportunity for these gamers to monetize their vast knowledge of video game tournaments.

Game testing has been called as play testing and has been popular since it is also easy to visualize a life of playing non introduced video games prior to anyone else receiving them, only some encountering bugs which you will want to report. Actually, testing video games is not it’s cracked to be. The job security is not guaranteed and the salary is also just over the minimum. Game testers do not want to test the games they enjoy and may end up checking the kid’s game they hate. The real experience can be done doing boring repetitive tasks and working into the huge amount of bugs that should be written up systematically. One of the tester recounts that he has looked to people quitting the video game fully after their getting their experience in game testing. It is much more beneficial to become an expert in a single video game and try to cash in on this through a demonstration of skill in a tournament. Game 4 Glory is a leader in the industry and lets you play in online video game tournaments. They feature league of legends tournament, starcraft 2 tournaments and COD tournaments.

Such as other people in the video game field, the game testers always look themselves working more for extended time. If you are a professional at a game like starcraft 2, league of legends or COD, there are many people in the market who will play you for your skill and knowledge. Some sites will allow you to write an eBook that transfers that knowledge you have made in to money. Are you interested in playing more video games tournaments? You can easily record and post them up on YouTube to gain some sum of money when people viewing your videos. You will also want to give a running commentary on the entire video not simply a video game which yourself silently playing. The competition is harsh and every persons view is not valuable also. You will want large number of views to make some reasonable amount of money.

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How To Operate Your Minecraft Hosting

There is not much difference between minecraft hosting and standard web hosting. Minecraft provides an installation package which you will transfer onto your server and run from your hosting account. The only difference is that this game server requires significantly more resources than a website so the minecraft hosting packages are generally more expensive. Once you have purchased a server you will need to access your minecraft hosting account through the companys portal. There are a few different management systems such as CPanel or Multicraft, to name a few of the most popular software solutions for administrating hosting.

Minecraft hosting accounts come full of great tools which will enable you to complete customize the feel of the game on your server. Depending on which modification package you choose to install there will be separate options for preconfigured game types. Minecraft hosting can be filled with either Bukkit or Vanilla variations of Minecraft. This selection will determine how you proceed in adding more plugins to your server. This must be decided before installation so make sure you know which you want before purchasing Minecraft hosting as it decides the future of operation.

The number of players that you want to be able to join onto your server will determine what size minecraft hosting account that you need. Obviously this will influence the price so do some research and make an educated verdict on how many player slots you will need to purchase hosting for. A few other consideration that should come standard offered by most minecraft hosting companies such as MC Power Hosting include the following: A dedicated IP address, simple upgrades or downgrades pending player activity, SQL databases and quality support.

Management is a integral part which will establish a successful server or result in a failed server. Minecraft hosting comes with an integrated user management system enabling admin accounts to be created. A team of dedicated players that can also monitor activity within your server will create a smooth experience for those who log on. It is well known that a player who experiences any griefing that is not immeditately remedied will instantly leave your server and never return. This will leave your minecraft hosting rather lonely and abandoned.

This guide to getting the greatest return on your investment on minecraft hosting should be studied prior to completing a transaction with a hosting company. Your Minecraft server will only be as successful as the foundation of ownership that it is built on.

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